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Hers: Day 68 – Hello Joe!

We’ve been getting up early this week so that we can clean and organize our house a little bit at a time, each night for our upcoming 4th of July party this weekend. In return, my body has been punishing me by keeping  me awake between 1 and 3am, knowing I have to get up at 6am. Cute. One thing I like to do when I start something new, is give myself inspiration by justifying what I’m doing (I’ve spent many weeks Googling Tracy Anderson and Tony Horton workout results and theories). This week I googled something like “working out first thing in the morning”, to see if there were any additional benefits that would make me happier to get up in the morning. I came across this video/story that Detail Magazine did on Joe Manganiello’s workout regiment. If you don’t know who Joe is, I feel sad for you, he’s a total babe. He’s on the HBO hit show True Blood and he plays a werewolf.

Oh heyyy…

A couple cool things Joe says in his article was that he starts every morning with a fat burning session of cardio on an empty stomach. Honestly, I used to be able to do this, but I have to have a hard boiled egg in the morning, that’s as close to an empty stomach as I can get. Now that I’ve heard this little tip about working out first thing twice, it must be true (I also read this in a model bodies tips and tricks article). The theory is that since your body doesn’t have much fuel left from your last meal – it burns through its fat stores first thing in the morning versus any other point in the day when you may just be burning off what you just ate.

Joe also says that he focuses on lighter weights and more reps for longer, leaner muscle mass. Hello, Tracy Anderson method. I’ve never actually heard of men doing this but it honestly makes sense. It’s not like Joe’s in the gym with his little pink 3 lb weights, he’s still using a good amount of weight (20-60lbs it looks like on his Cable Fly’s above).

I feel better about getting up early on no sleep already.

Hers: Day 61- 63 – are we there yet?

Anyone who’s ever taken a long and tedious journey anywhere has found themselves asking “are we there yet?”. Tracy Anderson and Tony Horton’s 90 day dream body programs are no different. Eric, specifically, with the pressures of work, has been losing steam. He’s no quitter and we can easily talk each other’s confidence back up but let no one kid you – doing these programs for the minimum of 60 minutes each day is an arduous task. Waiting patiently for your progress and to see the fit body you’ve always wanted is hard because you see yourself looking “the same” every day. It’s like realizing that the puppy you brought home at 8 weeks old is now 6 months old and you never saw it happen. If someone saw us in bathing suits on Day 1 then not again until Day 90 I’m sure they would agree that we look fitter. The before and after pictures definitely help, but it’s easy to forget that you’ve been making progress one day at a time and that’s hard to see in real time.

Eric and I are both secretly looking forward to Saturday’s “day off” from Tracy and Tony – we laugh because running a 5K isn’t exactly a day off. Oh well, we take small pleasures where we can get them.

Losing steam or hope or motivation is all part of the process, just so long as you don’t give up, it’s okay to feel it. It’s especially important for Tracy’s kids to hang in there because I really believe we’re building something with each new level that we get to.

His: Weeks 5-7

Ok, so I am going to do a rundown of everything I wanted to say over the past 3 weeks into 1 blog post, so get ready…..”cuz it’s comin’!!!!!!!”  You should recognize that…

For those who aren’t paying attention, weeks 5-7 are the same and consist of

Day 1 – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Ab Ripper X

Day 2 – Plyometrics

Day 3 – Back and Biceps, Ab Ripper X

Day 4 – Yoga X

Day 5 – Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

Day 6 – Kenpo X

Day 7 – Rest or X Stretch

The chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout really is my favorite of the week, that’s right…because there is NO PULLUPS!  I also feel like the workout is paced well and I never get too tired to finish an exercise, well mostly.  I also can’t believe that after 7 weeks of 6 day a week exercise that I still get sore after nearly every workout!  This one especially leaves me with sore Triceps for a few days…but I like it!  Not a big fan of the slow motion push ups, and the second round which is 3 slow followed by 4 fast is nearly impossible.  I don’t know how they continue to do these for a whole minute.  I get through the first 3 followed by 4 fast then I switch to “girl” push ups on my knees until I get too tired to leave the ground.  You may call me a pansy, but I’m telling you that shit is hard!

Ab Ripper: I am certainly getting better at, but still find that I cannot make it through more than 5 of the Fifer Scissors without taking a rest.  What I have started doing is keeping my legs switching and I just hold them up with my hands (vs just dropping both legs to the floor).  This way i feel as though I am still getting all the reps, just with a slightly easier motion.  Also a note to those with back problems……DO NOT DO THE LAST MOVE!!!!!!  This “Mason Twist” is very dangerous and has taken me out of commission on multiple occasions, so I no longer do the move.

Plyometrics…..what can I say.  I keep trying to make it through all the reps of all the exercises but all those switch stance floor touches is just too much for my legs to take.  I am finally able to make it through all the Jump Knee Tucks, which is a pretty big achievement, but I am still having to do some step moves as we get deeper into the video.  Also, do yourself a favor on a day when you have less time and swap this out with the Cardio X video.  I guarantee you will be just as sweaty, and have 15 more minutes of your day to do something else non-p90x related!  I did this on week 7!  Take that Tony!!!

Back and Biceps: You want to feel what tendonitis feels like in the Biceps, here you go!  It’s gotta be doing a good job since by the end of the video I can barely lift my cell phone up to my head!  This video is a whole lot of biceps and then throw in some pull-ups every 3 exercises….I don’t think there is any other workout which makes your arms this tired.    I was happy to say by the 3rd time around (week 7) I had increase weight on some of the exercises and I picked up some new 25lb dumb-bells to add to the mix.  It’s amazing how many fewer pull-ups I am able to do during this workout as compared to Legs and Back where the only arm exercises are the pull-ups.   The first week I did 1 corn cob pull-ups then switched to standard pull-ups, the second week I maybe did a few while standing on a bucket, and by the 3rd time around I was able to get a good number of reps with just a little assistance from the bucket.  Unlike the annoying interior decorator Katie who says she’s going to do Corn Cobb pull-upss at the end, I chose to skip that last set all together!!!

Yoga: Same workout, but still good.  By the end of week 7 I am almost able to stay in crane for the full 60 seconds with maybe a few toe touches.  I usually have to stop before the end though since I don’t usually have 90 minutes in me after working a 12 hour day!!

Legs and Back:  As mentioned before, the pull-ups are considerably easier in this workout as compared to the back/biceps.  What’s my least favorite part of this…..the first exercise, with 1 leg on a chair doing lounges.  For the life of me I can’t make it past 18 reps, and by the second leg-the leg on the chair is so sore I can’t get as many on that side!  I guess I need to workout more.  The last exercise is also pretty awful–the seiber speed jumpers or something…..lets just say I don’t leave the ground on mine, by that point I can barely bend my knees without pain so jumping rapidly is not in the cards.  On the plus side, I do feel my legs are getting stronger and maybe more muscular looking.  You will just have to wait and see the pics on day 90….

Kempo: Good workout as always, although I really get pissed off that I can’t keep up with the speed of their punches.  Lets take it easy mmmmkay?

Onto week 8 now, get some recovering before the last month.  Can’t believe it’s almost here!  I better be ripped soon…

His: Week 4

I have to apologize because it’s been about 4 weeks since I actually wrote on this blog, but I swear I’ve been keeping up with every workout and I have lots to say about it, so consider tonight “catch up night”!  I don’t want to make excuses but working 60-70 hours a week leaves little time for blogging…..booo

“Rest week” is the week 4 of P90x and I do agree, in comparison to other weeks it is not nearly intense.  Of particular interest to those who hate pull ups, you don’t have to do a single pull up this week!!!!! This makes me quite happy :-)

Really, the workouts this week are nothing we haven’t seen before except for the Core Synergistics.  This is actually one of my favorite workouts because it is a nice reasonable length and it hits all the muscle groups and also feels like a bit of a cardio workout as well….although there is just a few too many Superman/Banana’s for my liking.  I have to quote from another Tony Horton blogger who turns out to be much funnier than I am.  “Yesterday, I bid a fond and bittersweet adieu to the cast of Core Synergistics: Tony “the fitness clown” Horton,  Adam “1/2% body fat” Dyer, “the lovely, gorgeous and fit as a fiddle” Dreya Weber and everyone’s favorite private detective, Pam “the Blam” Moore.” Tony Horton Blogger

Really, can we just get through a workout with Pam without Tony calling her Blam about 90 times?  The funny thing is that at the beginning he says how he’s not going to call her blam too much since she doesn’t like it, but then instead calls her blam every time she is zoomed in on the camera…..oh Tony….I digress

The yoga workout really is a good workout and should not be skipped.  I have scoliosis and suffer from some back pain from time to time.  The yoga in this workout really stretches and strengthens the back muscles and I can always feel that the day after I am much less tense in the lower back region (where i get pain usually).  Plus who wants to miss the part where Tony says “I got shot in the buttox” during the glut stretch at the end.

I have to get this off my chest….on day 4 of rest week when you are supposed to “Stretch”  I did nothing.  And I don’t care! Muhahaha

Ok, since I am so far behind I am going to skip ahead to the next 3 weeks…..

see you all soon!

His: Days 4-6

Day 4:  Shoulders and arms.  This is one of my favorite p90x workouts, primarily because it is a bunch of arm exercises and none of which involve pullups!  I got through all of the exercises without skipping anything and I felt I pushed pretty hard to increase my weight on the second time around (when exercises were repeated).  Looking forward to this workout next week

Day 5: Kempo. Monday morning after Easter…I got woken up at 3am with a call from work, had to drive to the plant to fix a problem so I didn’t get back into my bed till ~6am.  After 3 glorious hours of sleep I got up and gave my workout priority over getting back to work at a reasonable time.  The Kempo workout was very managable except for the fact that my legs were extremely sore!  The side lunge/stretch nearly took me out!  Definitely a high intensity sweaty good time!

Day 6: Legs and Back.  Sore legs day 6….so this workout was very intense. I would say I gave 100% but still only got through about 65% of the reps.  Also, in P90x when they say “back” they mean “pullups!”  I had to skip the last few sets of pullups in the workout because I was feeling extremely winded.  Because my legs are not as strong as my upper body, when I do legs it really wears me out.  Hopefully next week I can get through more of this workout.

Bring on week 2!

His Versus Hers – 90 Day Commitment

Beach Body (his) versus Metamorphosis (hers)

In 90 days, both Tony Horton and Tracy Anderson promise that with due diligence you too can have your dream body. Neither my husband or I have committed to either of these programs, for the strict 90 period of 6 day a week, 1+ hours of working out a day before now. We are both reasonably fit people, who workout regularly and have done versions of Beach Body or Tracy Anderson workouts before. Now we’re pledging to commit to getting those dream bodies. Follow us on our journey to see where 90 days takes us.

I (Jesse) will be doing Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis which does 30 minutes of dance cardio 6 days a week in conjunction with 30 days of “transforming muscular structure work”.

He (Eric) will be doing Tony Horton’s Beach Body, which does 60-90 minutes of various workout routines (Kempo, Yoga, Core, you name it) 6 days a week.


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