Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Workout Results

It’s here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, when I get to show off the results I achieved from 90 (plus!) workout days on the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis workout program. It was tough work, as you can see from past blog posts, but it’s a great opportunity to learn how to target your trouble areas from a truly professional and amazing instructor. If you’re looking to try something new, I would definitely recommend this program. I can’t wait to learn more from Tracy, as I absolutely believe in her method.

Tracy Anderson Hipcentric Metamorphosis before and after photos:

tracy anderson workout results

I had a lot of success with my abs on this program – despite using the Hipcentric DVDs.

And my favorite:

tracy anderson metamorphosis results

Would you check out that butt decrease!!!!?

Final tally for attendance was: 2 missed transformation workouts and 8.5 dance cardio misses.

Hers: Graduation Day

Today is technically my Tracy Anderson graduation day and to tell you the honest truth, these last ten days have been the absolute hardest part of the whole program. I also feel obligated to say I was too tired to finish today off properly…slash at all. haha. I know, not funny. I may do one or two final transformation workouts this week as I also skipped the program on Sunday bringing my missed days of the metamorphosis transformation portion of the DVDs up to 3 instead of 1. I much prefer the number 1, so I’m thinking I’ll make those up. I sadly fell off the dance cardio band wagon and am now up to 8.5 dance cardio misses. If it matters, I did run and bike on the days I missed, even did 15 miles of biking one day, but I know, that’s not what the program is about.

I still deserve a giant CONGRATULATIONS, as does Eric for that matter, because we made it through!

I do recommend doing this program in the cooler months, when perhaps you’re not sweating your a** off inside your house and everything is not sunny and beautiful outside your window. I think this would have increased my motivation in the last ten days, but really, I just felt like a kid who knows that their last day of school is coming up and they just want OUT. That being said, I very much look forward to sharing my transformation photos with you.

My advice to anyone starting this program is to get yourself in the mindset early on that you can never skip a day, that you should follow the neat Tracy Anderson calendar of workouts exactly and that you’re going to look amazing when all is said and done. I feel like I did choose the right program for my body type, which I did doubt at times, but you need not worry that Tracy won’t work you out all over. She does!

Hang in there all you transformers, the end may seem far but the results are worth the wait. From here I look forward to enjoying the outdoors with running and biking and incorporating more dance cardio into my weekly routine. :)

Before and after pictures are on the way!

Hers: Day 98 – Enough Said

You know that saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? That’s me right now on Level 9. Not saying a peep. Not one word.

Catch you on the flip side.

Hers: Day 94 – Whoa, Level 9

Attention level 9 Hipcentric ladies – prepare yourself; even Tracy sweats in this level. Level 9 combines all your favorite moves from the last 8 levels into one steroid induced workout section. Tracy starts off with her usual variation of warm up moves, moves into standing arms no weights, standing arms with weights, then kneeling arms with weights and ab work. Then you do one standing leg movement (the first of it’s kind in all 9 levels) and then move down to the mat for some punishing Hipcentric work. This is the first level that I actually feel really really sore everywhere after. Sunday (Day 93) was the first day of Level 9 and this morning I got through Day 2 of Level 9 and my legs and butt are feeling pretty unreal right now. The Hipcentric work is all versions of things you’ve seen before and chances are if you’d celebrated never having to do that particular move again, you’ll get to see it again in Level 9. It’s like the ghosts of workouts past.  There are planks with leg lifts to the side (Re: my post on Planks but No Planks). There is a version of the leg lifts to the side from the last level that I particularly hated because as I stated at one time, they lasted like three and a half minutes. Guess what, they’re baaaaacccckkkk in Level 9, only this time you’re armed with a weight in one hand. This is also the first time that weights have made it into the Hipcentric moves. There are plenty more movements where you’ll think to yourself, my legs don’t bend like that, and then they will. So whoa, level 9, pipe down on the farewell excitement.

Tracy was unusually quiet in this DVD, no congratulations or excitement, just “you’re prepped for this level, so now let’s do it” kind of pep talk. I think she wants me to enroll in her continuity program to get my positive reinforcement. Sneaky snake.

Hers: Playlist update

Finally got a new playlist that I thought I’d share with all you Tracy dance cardio-ing folks:


Start off easy with 1. “One Red Threat” by Blind Pilot

2. “Bodies” by Savoir Adore

3. “One Night Stand” by Keri Hilson and Chris Brown

4. “Blackout” by Breathe Carolina

5. “Head Over Heels” by Vogue in the Movement

6. “Time Bomb” by Iration

7. “Don’t Wanna Go Home” by Jason Derulo

8. “Wet” by Nicole Sherzinger

End with 9. “X & Y” by Coldplay


Hers: Day 91 – Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Attendance Record

In light of my dwindling appreciation for this program’s lengthy time span, I have decided to reveal my stellar attendance record. I have read a lot of other blogs about people substituting or not doing either the transformation or dance cardio portion of Tracy’s Metamorphosis workout and decided that from the beginning I would follow her program’s workouts (not the diet) closely, to truly see the results she expects. It hasn’t been easy, as you can see from my posts throughout the days of this program, but here are the results so far:

In 91 days of the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program I have missed:

1 Transform Workout (ONE are you kidding me!???) – If I missed a transform workout, I usually made it up on my day off and one crazy time, as you can remember, I did two on one day. So I’m calculating my single miss by adding up all the actual days I missed and deducting the makeups or extras.

I have missed 5.5 Dance Cardio’s. 2 of which were this week. This is still an impressive number to me, especially since you know I’ve been running in addition to my workouts for the last month and a half or so. This week was the first week I swapped a dance cardio for a run, but I still counted that against myself since Tracy does not like runner’s butts.

This blog post is more for me then to rub in my attendance record (okay maybe I do want to shout it from the rooftop a little bit). I want my mindset to be that I’m ready to give the last part of the program my all. On Sunday (tomorrow is my rest day), I start the final workout on the final disc of this program. Very very exciting. I’m looking forward to hearing the audio commentary from Tracy, girlfriend better be pumped for me!

Hers: Day 1,002,850

Okay, okay it’s not day 1,002,850 but doesn’t it just feel like that sometimes? Today is actually the real Day 90 (per the Tracy calendar, I calculate Day 88), which actually makes me kind of depressed. I’ve had a real tough time of it the last week or so trying to get out of negative land and into positive performance mode and had this been the real Day 90, I may have just jumped for joy.

We came back from a family trip to NH late Sunday night and I skipped my dance cardio. I know, I know, I only have a couple more weeks and then I’m off the hook for a little while. It’s just hard to get in the zone for these last couple weeks. I just keep concentrating on the bad and not the good. The good news being that I wore a bathing suit in front of the family this weekend and felt pretty good. I’m going to do my very best to turn things around for these last 14 days.

14 DAYS!!!!!!

Hers: Day 84 – Moving right along?

Sigh, Day 84 and I’m really wishing I was 6 days away from the finish line. This week I have not at all been into the dance cardio – I’ve done it, but I haven’t done it like I was excited to do it. I’m not so much tired of the DVD (although this is certainly part of it) but of my music. I’ve mentioned before that I’m lost without a good playlist that I’m really into. I haven’t found good dance music in several weeks. This morning I actually considered listening to an audiobook while I did the dance cardio. hahahaha. I figured that was probably not the best motivator, but it was worth a thought. I’ve been keeping with the morning routine and really enjoying my free evenings to take my dog for walks and cook.

Tomorrow is my long awaited day off and a family trip to New Hampshire awaits us. I’m looking forward to some sunshine, boating, and good company for sure.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hers: Day 78-80 – Level 8

Day 80 or the first day of LEVEL 8 happened today! I was very excited to hear Tracy’s words of encouragement and praise for reaching level 8 this morning. This level started off with some warm up exercises and then proceeded to move through kneeling arm exercises (a new method!), standing abs, floor abs, and all kneeling Hipcentric work. The moves required more thought than the first levels but maintained an equal level of difficulty with the last two levels. There’s only one plank type movement but if you blink you’ll miss it. Compare that ten seconds of your life with the 3+ minutes of these side pulses and kicks and if you’re like me – you’re probably a little annoyed. I realize that varying movements and repetitions is critical to the Tracy Anderson method but sometimes when we do one move for 10 seconds and another for 200 seconds, I have to shout a little in anger at the t.v. I didn’t mention this previously, but in one level earlier, I sincerely felt like the right side was vastly different timing wise then the left side. So for that entire 10 days, I re-winded and watched the left side of the body twice in stead of watching the whole video through. Oh the little things you notice when you do a DVD for as many days in a row as us Tracy girls do!

Here’s some inspiration for you fellow Level 8-ers:

Gwyneth Paltrow is in Italy right now, showing off her bod…well played Paltrow, well played.

(borrowed from Socialite Life)

Hers: Day 77 – Even Kim Kardashian is getting in on this fun party



Looks like Tracy’s got another celebrity hopping on her magical bandwagon. Kim Kardashian is getting in shape for her upcoming wedding using the duo of Tracy Anderson and Gunner Peterson. Lucky, lucky girl.





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